JLabs Japan Cable

  • The mission of JLabs is the realization of new cable services, innovation of service platform, contribution to cable customer’s benefit and development of community where cable operator involved. The practical work of JLabs are the planning of cable business model based on searching advanced technologies worldwide and creation of specifications for service and producs.

  • One of JLabs mission is to deploy the attractive services to cable customers in the fusion of communication and broadcast services. As multi-function mobile devices are deployed, people’s TV watching style is changing and required in more interactive and economical ways.

  • Broadcast services are required to support people’s safe and secured life besides high-speed and high-resolution video services, as a role of public service. JLabs is developing specifications to align with this role.

  • New cable services are expected in the combination of services among PC, tablet device and smart-phone. JLabs has developed the technical specification for hybrid cable STB, and is preparing service platform to work with it.

  • Wide-area Wi-Fi is expected to change cable services from limited “line” to wide “plane”. JLabs has developed a specification of wide-area Wi-Fi.

  • Future cable network will be connected to home network through residential gateway. Various services are expected in the home network environment for people’s daily life, such as energy saving and healthcare, etc.